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How to stake crypto tokens through a Phantom wallet?

We all know that we need a cryptocurrency wallet that helps us in interacting with our preferred blockchain so that we can get a deal with our preferred crypto token. And those users who wish to deal with crypto tokens through the Solana blockchain often end up using the Phantom wallet. Well, the question is why?

Staking cryptos on the Phantom wallet

Since Phantom wallet only supports staking SOL tokens, therefore we will guide you on how to stake SOL through it:

1. The first thing that you need to be assured of is that you have created a Phantom wallet

2. After this, you should start depositing some SOL into your wallet

3. Once you have deposited enough SOL in your wallet, you can start to stake them

4. Next up, you can go to the balance section of your wallet

5. Here, you can click on the "Start earning SOL" option

6. The next screen will present you with a list of validators to choose from

7. Choose the validator you want to stake tokens with

8. Now, you can choose a preferred staking amount

9. Select the "Stake" option after reviewing the details

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